Online Assessment Platform

An all-in-one assessment platform that makes it easy to assess the right people, at the most opportune time, against the criteria that matter most to your work.

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In-depth analysis

Access real-time insights on-the-fly, using our dashboard-based analysis centre. Ask questions of the data and draw upon aggregate and individual user reports to help inform business decisions.


User profile reports

Our designed and fully-branded profile reports enable users to gain a holistic view of their strengths and development areas to both a high level and granular detail. This helps provide learning interventions based on skill gaps.

360 functionality

Place the ownership in the hand of the learner to receive workplace feedback from their colleagues using our cutting-edge 360 functionality.


A secure and robust environment

Have full confidence in the handling of your data in our robust data centres. Use features such as lockdown desktop functionality and remote invigilation to add extra layers of security to your high-stakes assessments.


We are a software company first and we recognise not all projects require an off-the-shelf solution, speak to our team to discuss any tailored assessment requirements, and we will work alongside you to build features and functionality to your brief.


Authoring and administering

Take advantage of our intuitive authoring tools to create your perfect assessment or questionnaire for any situation. Our question creation, item banking and tagging make it incredibly easy to author and design, and user management and email templating ensure that administration is a very straightforward process.