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Bespoke, dynamic reporting

Personalised, powerful and beautifully-presented reports.

We'll work closely with your company and graphic designers to create reports that truly represent your brand so that your users can extract as much value from their experience as possible.

Access reports immediately after assessment submission, from any device, at any time, anywhere in the world. Automatically send reports to participants upon submission to ensure feedback is timely.

Simplify your analysis

Powerful insights that won't need deciphering. Our dashboard-based Analysis Centre will help you to understand the performance of individuals, groups and assessments with just a glance.

Extract the raw data from each assessment submission, allowing you to analyse performance to an extremely granular level. 

Compare participants side-by-side to help make clear, science-backed people decisions, and filter by demographic information to assess fairness.

“It feels like the guys at Evolve are part of our team because of the way that we work with you.”
Martin Mason, CEO - Unleashed

Flexible assessment delivery

Make your assessments more engaging by utilising the wide range of features and question types already available through the Evolve Test Player.

Include media and branding to bring your assessments to life, and take advantage of our suite of accessibility tools to reduce bias and discrimination.

Need something a little more? We'll happily build functionality into the platform to ensure your users get the most out of your assessment.


Assessment platform, not publisher

Strictly software, not psychology. Retain complete control and ownership over your assessments, methodologies and intellectual property.

We have never - and will never - publish any assessments of our own. This means you can be sure that all of our R&D is directed right back into the platform and not into competing tests.

Need a bit of help designing your assessment? We can give an unbiased recommendation of the business psychologists in our network, based on their skills and areas of expertise.

“Finding a company that had the understanding and flexibility to be able to work around our requirements, rather than to have our requirements fit around a product was really crucial for us.”
Emma Ferrier, Operations Director - Mind3

The Admin Centre

Have complete control over your content, communications and delivery. The Admin Centre puts the power to author new assessments or amend existing ones in your hands.

House questions and answers in question banks to make testing and randomisation simpler than ever, and tailor campaigns to ensure assessments are relevant for everyone.

Assessment formats

The Evolve Assess platform supports a wide range of assessment designs, including:

  • Personality Questionnaires,
  • 360°/180° Appraisals,
  • Self-reports,
  • SJTs, 
  • Surveys,
  • Cognitive Ability Tests.

Got something else in mind? We'll work alongside you to build a bespoke design that truly unlocks the value of your assessment.


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✔️ A purpose-built platform

✔️ Bespoke reporting

✔️ Automated analysis

✔️ A fully branded environment

✔️ More engagement with your assessments

✔️ An experienced tech team

✔️ A fully managed service

✔️ Complete client success management