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Assessment Design, Build, and Hosting


For Recruitment

Make informed, reliable hiring decisions.

For Development

Build a clear, reliable picture of your employees.

For Accreditation

Deliver online tests and exams with rigorous conditions.

Recruit. Develop. Accredit.

  • Recruit with confidence
  • Develop and engage your people
  • Accredit competency and achievement

Our flexible, intuitive and scalable all-in-one platform makes it easy to assess the right people, at the most opportune time, against the criteria that matter most to your work.

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The Employee Attrition Scorecard Cover

A Bespoke Service Encompassing:



Regardless of the size of your business, and whether you have your own content or not, our team of behavioral scientists can help design the ideal assessment.

Hosting & Deployment

Existing or bespoke - Assessments can be delivered from your website, email, or another internal system, allowing users to answer questions from practically anywhere at any time.


With dashboard-based reporting, and top-down KPI metrics, you’ll have access to key data to drive performance, demonstrate competence or substantiate employability.
“The platform has massive value. We can extract meaningful insights related to staff satisfaction, culture and how the company is performing. Recommending Evolve Assess is a no-brainer. ”
Nabila Walji, Head of Talent - The Collective