The All-in-one Online Assessment Platform

In-depth analysis, insight and reporting: plus customised assessments, 360-appraisals, performance audits, L&D intervention tracking and management dashboards

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Bespoke Assessment Platform for Every Professional

For Recruitment

Switching to time saving online assessment management software and get help to predict and measure likely candidate performance - even at scale.

For L&D

Deep insight, aggregate reports, L&D tests and progress tracking for managers and learning, development and training managers.


Deliver a best-in-class assessment platform with flexible, easy-to-use, in-depth reporting, audit trails, diagnostics, measurement and competency tracking.

Some of Our Customers Include

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A simple and easy to use toolkit for modern assessments

  • Insight and performance benchmark measurement
  • Reporting flexible
  • Easy to design questionnaires
  • Enjoyable candidate experiences


Flexible, in-depth reporting helps provide managers and HR professionals:
  • Identify high and low performers 
  • Discover skills and competency deficiencies
  • Closed loop reporting, trend tracking and audits

Assessment Platform Operations and Management

Everyday tasks are made easy with end to end assessment design, deployment and reporting. Run your entire assessment process on one platform, in one place.


Customised and Branded Reports Make More Sense to Users

EDF has a fully operating assessment platform with bespoke reporting for management teams and end-users.


Regardless of the size of your business, and whether you have your own content or not, our team of behavioural scientists can help design the ideal assessment.


Existing or bespoke - Assessments can be delivered from your website, email, or another internal system, allowing users to answer questions from practically anywhere at any time.


With dashboard-based reporting, and top-down KPI metrics, you’ll have access to key data to drive performance, demonstrate competence or substantiate employability.

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The Employee Attrition Scorecard

  • Understand the impact of attrition in your organisation
  • Discover and take the first steps to addressing attrition
“The platform has massive value. We can extract meaningful insights related to staff satisfaction, culture and how the company is performing. Recommending Evolve Assess is a no-brainer. ”
Nabila Walji, Head of Talent - The Collective