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A 'Week in the Life' as an Apprentice at Evolve Assess

by Morgan Place - Marketing Assistant on

Personally, I like reading about what other people are getting up to in their week. Is it because I’m a little bit nosey? Possibly… But seeing how others organise their week makes me feel an almost second-hand productivity, as odd as that may sound. So, I thought why not write one myself!

Firstly, I’ll introduce myself; I’m Morgan, and I joined Evolve Assess as a Business Admin. Apprentice in March this year. For me, this is a completely new realm of work, as previously I’ve predominantly worked in the equine industry. Finding a new way of working, suiting a new routine with a new staff team was a slightly scary prospect to me – but now? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Enough about just me, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to this week!

notepad and laptop


We start our week with a team meeting, have a catch up on what was achieved last week and what we plan to work on this week. I update the team on not only my planned tasks work wise, but also where I’m up to with my college work and any pressing assignments I have that I may need help with. So, what does this week hold for me? Content uploads, a slightly beefy college assignment, HubSpot Academy courses, testing and marketing scheme plans!


The majority of today was spent uploading assessment content to our platform. Our Devs have recently created a new function to improve our multilanguage campaigns, meaning a lot of content requires translated. Now on the surface, that’s easy, right? With a good sum of questions (doubled, accounting for the 2nd language), making sure they’re in the correct order, they match their scoring types, they all have the ‘require an answer’ box ticked, pop ups work et c. – as you can imagine this kind of task ends up taking some serious concentration and a generous amount of time!


Testing day! For me, this means a day of testing through our existing campaigns and, essentially, trying to break them. Now when I say ‘break’ I mean find how they could be broken (accidentally of course!) by any of our clients and their candidates. So, I run through the tests as a candidate would with a very attentive eye to make sure that none of our new content uploads or dev changes have had a negative effect on any of pre-existing work. Nine times out of ten, this runs through seamlessly – however there will always be the odd occasion where there are bugs to fix (thankfully, I just pass that over to our trusty Devs and they work their magic from there!).


When all goes to plan in terms of testing, and minor bugs that may appear are fixed – we deploy. Once that’s done, we plan our next Sprint. We work in fortnightly Sprints, and to plan them we account for admin and development work required over the next two weeks. Generally, this isn’t too lengthy a process. So, after our morning Sprint plan, I got back on the task of uploading content for updated campaigns.

When I’d uploaded all the content, I got on with some college work. My most recent assignment fell under documentation. I had to show how I use IT programs, create documents and how I communicate with others – whether that be colleagues or clients. A few screengrabs and paragraphs of analysis later and that was sorted!


I started the day proofreading my college assignment and sending it away with a generous amount of time before the due date for any possible tweaks that may be needed. After that, I picked up where I’d previously left my HubSpot Academy course – after completing a Digital Marketing course, I thought I’d look more specifically at a course on Inbound Marketing. This took up most of my day, other than a break here and there to do some content changes as per client requests when they arrived!


Working for a small business means no two days are ever the same. Being flexible and adaptable to whatever the day has in store is so important. With a great team around me, I know I’m supported daily and I’m always ready for the day ahead.