The Importance of Account Management

November 3, 2021

Account Management – Why is it so important?

'Customer/Client Success', 'Account Management', 'Customer Service'; No matter which title you use, looking after your customer base is arguably the most crucial function to sustain growth within your business. It’s no secret that a business needs an excellent sales and marketing strategy to be successful, but who looks after all those exciting new clients you sign up?

Account managers become the main contact for new clients and are responsible for focusing on customer retention to create and nurture long-lasting, profitable relationships. With current customers spending on average 67% more than new customers, this is where your best growth opportunities are hiding!

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Being an account manager can involve many responsibilities. Quite often we take on the role of project manager, software tester and occasionally therapist, but these are the things that make this role so rewarding. Engrossing ourselves in a holistic understanding of a client’s solution allows us to provide consultative recommendations that are right for the business. Sometimes these recommendations may be at a cost to the client, but based on a strong relationship they will understand that investing additional funds now will allow for a mutually successful solution in the long term.  

How often do you find yourself turning to Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor to leave a review after experiencing bad service? We are 10 times more likely to leave a review after bad service than we are with a good experience, and with customer feedback so readily available online, a bad review can damage your business reputation. That’s why in this digital age we need to ensure we do all we can to ensure our customers have a great experience.

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At Evolve Assess we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for our clients, delivering a tailored solution and approach to meet each individual client’s needs. If you would like to know more about what sets us apart from other assessment platforms, you can contact us at

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