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Assessment formats

We'll work alongside you to build a bespoke assessment design that truly unlocks the value of your assessment.
The Evolve Assess platform already supports a wide range of assessment designs, including (but not limited to):

360°/180° Appraisals

The only truly custom 360-degree feedback platform.

Personality Questionnaires

Create scalable personality assessments that don't compromise on function or feedback.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Automatically analyse, norm and compare bespoke ability assessments in real-time.

Situational Judgement Tests

SJTs that are built with accessibility and inclusion in mind.
branded reports

Custom projects require a custom platform

Customisation perfectly in line with project requirements - from branding and imagery to tailor-made question types and intricate analysis.

Our platform was built to be built on - we understand that bespoke projects might need innovative functionality that's not available elsewhere on the market.

We'll work side-by-side to ensure the platform is perfectly designed to create the best experience possible for your users.

“It feels like you're part of our team because of the way that we do work with you. ”
Martin Mason, CEO - Unleashed

Automate your reporting without compromising quality

Leverage static and dynamic reporting to automatically generate personalised feedback reports - with the power to give participants in-depth insights into their performances.

Our bespoke reporting services will help you save hours upon hours of manual reporting, meaning you're able to make your campaigns more cost-effective, facilitate larger projects, and take advantage of more opportunities.



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Extract meaningful insights

Having worked with many psychologists, we understand the importance of reliability, validity, norming and adverse impact.

That's why, through our Analysis Centre, you can:

  • Generate norm groups at the click of a button,
  • Extract raw data to perform in-depth analysis,
  • Assess adverse impact by filtering and comparing demographic data on the fly.

Ready to get started?

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If you're looking for:

✔️ A purpose-built platform

✔️ Bespoke reporting

✔️ Automated analysis

✔️ A fully branded environment

✔️ More engagement with your assessments

✔️ An experienced tech team

✔️ A fully managed service

✔️ Complete client success management