Assessments for People Development

Use Evolve Assess™ to build a clear, reliable picture of your employees via a range of diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.

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Use Evolve Assess™ to gather performance feedback, identify and address skills & training gaps and remove performance barriers. 

We support a range of tried and tested assessments to advance your organisational development goals, including:

  • Mapping the performance of teams
  • Understanding the effectiveness of training
  • Staff development and coaching
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Host & Deploy

Evolve Assess can provide bespoke assessment design or host your existing assessments. 

The platform allows you to schedule single or recurring campaigns with the click of a button,  manage rater selection, nudge individuals to take action, and monitor progress from the dashboard.

It also handles invitations, notifications and reminders so that your campaigns remain on course to deliver positive outcomes for the business and its employees.


Clear reports help employees reflect upon their performance whilst supporting line managers to engage in constructive conversations about improvement, development and goal setting.

Evolve’s suite of reporting helps Learning and Development professionals to close skills gaps, nurture high performers and develop talent.

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Assessment Clients Include:

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“The return on investment that we received from this service was significant and the account management from Evolve Assess was excellent.”
Centre for Health and Disability Assessments