New brand!

January 27, 2020

We just wanted to write a very short blog post to coincide with the release of our new website. This has been a long-time coming, and we’re delighted to say it’s now here.

Our brand-new website and refreshed branding we now feel, really represent what we’re all about as a business!

Why the change?

As the business has evolved (yes, pun intended), and we approach our fourth year, we wanted to represent what we do as an organisation through the eyes of our diverse client base.

Of course, we’re still a software business at heart and our assessment platform needs to be front and centre stage of everything we do – it’s imperative that we convey a professional image to our clients, who include HR Directors, CEOs, Leadership Consultants and Psychologists. Being professional and personable are not, of course, mutually exclusive – so we wanted to depict our client-centric, personalised approach – with the brand tone of voice and images used throughout the website and on our marketing collateral.

Our full-colour palette uses white as our primary colour, giving us a clean and professional look. The white is contrasted with a dark blue throughout, and – remaining loyal to our orange roots, we’ve retained this as our tertiary.

Our new logo depicts three lines running through a graph, which encapsulates the value we offer: helping clients make data-driven decisions from assessments. We’ve also decided to just use the word ‘Evolve’, rather than ‘Evolve Assess’ – on the logo giving us more identity.

We’re always really keen to take any and all feedback on board, and it was that feedback that supported us making these changes in the first place, so please feel free to get in touch!

Richard Anderson - Co-Founder

Our dynamic assessment engine caters for the needs of all of our clients - whether that is for recruitment, development or accreditation - we will provide the right content, question types and analysis, ensuring that our clients make the right business decisions from the use of online assessment.